Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide lead testing?

No, but here are some great resources to use:

Milwaukee Health Department 

I think I or my family has been exposed to lead, should I see a doctor?

Yes, you should see a doctor for your family’s lead levels to be checked. While eating a healthy balanced diet that contains good sources of iron, vitamin C and calcium, helps your body protect itself – you shouldn’t rely on that alone. Get checked and follow your doctor’s instructions.

Food is hard enough for me and or my family to come by, where can I get safe food?

Hunger Task Force, WIC, SNAP, CACFP, Summer meals, and other federal assitance programs. 

Can I call you about medical questions related to lead exposure?

You should contact your doctor, for any medical advice or testing.

Lead Hotline- National Lead Information Center

Do you provide water filters?

No, but here are some resources that do: